Corporate Plan Solutions

Navigating Retirement Plan Changes

As an employer, you share the responsibility for guiding your employees toward making decisions that will afford them greater financial freedom in retirement. But here’s the quandary: just as your workers look to you for financial guidance and advice, you must adjust to a sea change in plan regulation and administration.

Do the following issues look familiar to your retirement plan committee?

  • New regulations that add to the complexity of administration
  • Fiduciary pressures to provide prudent investment options
  • Timely (and potentially complex) fee disclosures to your participants
  • Outside advisors whose allegiances are split between plan providers and investment managers
  • Watershed regulations that require greater transparency about disclosing relationships between plan sponsors and their advisors
  • Employees who feel they cannot afford to save, but are being courted by your competitors through their benefits programs
  • Concerns over your employees’ retirement readiness

Fiduciary support helps manage risk in your plan

Unlike other traditional advisors and brokers, BRSi Retirement Solutions plan advisors can assist employers in addressing ERISA fiduciary requirements, education on plan design options, and regulatory issues. Our fiduciary support services include:

  • Providing comprehensive plan provider reviews and benchmarking, including in-depth comparisons of plan features and fee transparency
  • Expediting the preparation assistance of Investment Policy Statements (IPS) and assistance in adhering to it
  • Monitoring of fund performance and managing the watch list and replacement process
  • Participating in your investment committee meetings
  • Helping you prepare for annual audits
  • Conduct ongoing educational workshops for plan participants

Focused Retirement Plan Services

Until recently, it was possible for many plan sponsors and employers to work with advisors on nearly any brokerage platform. That’s no longer the case. With the retirement industry becoming more complex and regulated, today’s plan sponsors need more specialized services, including:

  • Professional, independent advice that will allow them to offer competitive employee benefits at a reasonable cost
  • Access to robust data to use in benchmarking plans and investment managers
  • More effective financial education programs for their employees

In these areas and more, BRSi Retirement Solutions strives to set the standard. Why? Our single-minded focus on improving retirement readiness for American workers seeks to ensure the continued positive retirement experience of our plan sponsor clients and employees alike.

The BRSi Retirement Solution: A powerful extension of your retirement plan committee

Four key tenets that are essential to running an effective retirement plan…

  • Professional advice – Your BRSi Retirement Solutions advisor can act as a co-fiduciary of your plan under ERISA section 3(21) for ongoing investment advice. We are paid by you-and not by any product sponsor.
  • Meaningful, timely information and research – We can offer you deep industry insights and knowledge of the regulatory landscape that helps enable you to make the best choices for your plan’s individual needs.
  • Easy access to value-added investments and services – A BRSi Retirement Solutions advisor can deliver proprietary research that is designed to help you tap the world’s most talented investment management teams.
  • Unparalleled service – BRSi Retirement Solutions is committed to providing what you and your employees deserve and expect – great financial education at enrollment and one-on-one meetings.

Education services designed with the employee mind:

BRSi Retirement Solutions is pleased to offer comprehensive retirement plan services that seek to assist employees by improving their retirement readiness – and help your organization attract and retain better workers. Available to plan sponsors exclusively through our retirement plan-focused financial advisors, we offer financial education and guidance tools for your workers while in-plan, when they become eligible to leave the plan, and after they leave the plan. BRSi Retirement Solutions creates highly effective participant outreach and enrollment programs, designed to increase financial literacy, participant rate and employee deferrals.